The Facility

The Smartchoice National Cricket Academy operates out of the state of the art Moosa Cricket Stadium, one of the finest privately ownerdsporting establishments in North America which is equipped with turf wickets.

Administrative Team

Our Academy boasts a very able team of Coaches who have years of competitive cricketing experience from various parts of the world as an Administrative Body with decades of Corporate Experience.

The Program

Smartchoice National Cricket Academy offers various well designed entry level as well as High Performance Coaching Programs for our budding youth athletes with a very low Coach to Scholar Ratio.

The Fitness Mantra !

Sports & Fitness are merely not just a weekend activity but truly a way of life that needs to be inculcated into our youngsters from a very early age, this is the philosophy that all our budding scholars are subscribed into at the Smartchoice National Cricket Academy.

Team work & Comradeship !

The very values at the core of our coaching philosophy are upholding the spirit of the game, establishing a healthy team spirit and learning to enjoy and appreciate the intricacies of competitive sports.

Know More...

If you are interesting in joining the Academy and learning the beautiful sport of Cricket, reach out to us to receive more information